Monday, January 06, 2014

Book Review: Lighten the Darkness

I hope to start a new "feature" (which sounds much more organized and structured than I intend to be) on the blog where I take the time to review books that I have read.  I'll try to keep the reviews in the same format, although that could change as I go along.  I imagine, if you regularly read this blog, then you'll recognize some of the books I talk about, since my reading is often kindling for my blog posts.

There are times in my devotional life that what I am reading doesn't seem to be bringing me any closer to God.  At times like those, it is best to find something else to use as a devotional resource, don't you think?  At one of those times, a Facebook friend wrote a post about a devotional book that she recommended.  It was the absolute perfect time, so I downloaded it from Amazon.

Information about the book
Title:  Lighten the Darkness: An Advent Journey Through Hope
Author:  Dena Douglas Hobbs
Publisher:  Centering Down
Copyright date:  2013
Links: I purchased this book as a kindle book through Amazon
Dena has a blog called Centering Down

This is a devotional book, meant to be read from the beginning of Advent through Epiphany.  Each day has a short scripture reading, the writing by the author and a closing quote (often from a hymn).  These are not Upper Room sized readings, but they aren't terribly long, either.  Each one was two or three Kindle pages (which is probably less than 2 real pages).

The description of the book at Amazon says, "Lighten the Darkness reminds us again that the advent message is one of deep hope. As sure as the reign of the sun wins against the growing darkness of night, there is one who is coming that will lighten the difficulties and struggles that we encounter in our lives. God comes into our broken world to be with us, to heal us, to save us from not only our enemies, but even ourselves."

I'm glad I went with my first reaction and downloaded this book.  It was my devotional resource during this Advent.  If you read this blog, you'll see that it inspired several of my writings during the season - there were many ah-ha moments.

Dena has an engaging voice in her writing.  She writes well, and has a close relationship with God that shines through what she writes.  Until I wrote this review, I didn't know she was a blogger, but I will be adding her blog to the list of the ones I regularly read.

I liked the theme of lightness and darkness that runs through the book.  Very often what she wrote struck the write chord on the day that I read it.  I was brought closer to God through what I read each day.

I would recommend this book (Thanks, Tami, for the recommendation).  Make a note today to use it during Advent 2014.  While I think it is appropriate for anyone, I can see where it would have an extra layer of meaning for those who feel as if their world has more darkness than light, or for those who love them.

Just as an extra note, there are four reviews of this book on Amazon (as of today) and all of them are five star reviews.  That is rare.

Here is a link to my posts that were inspired by this book.

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