Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A hand to hold

When a mother walks down the street with a toddler, she holds out her hand and the child grasps it.  It is a connection.  I imagine the child knows the safety and security of holding on -- the balance it provides and the protection offered.  The hand is the way the child connects to the mother for those moments.

The mother is much more than the hand, but the hand offered and taken is the way the child grasps the mother.

God is beyond our understanding, and yet God provides us with ways to hold on -- to grasp him.

I know and believe that God is a triune God.  That God is creator, son and holy spirit -- all three in one, but I can't understand it.  God knows I can't understand it.

God gives me ways to grasp a part of himself.  Images of parts of what God is like -- God the father, Jesus, the son.  The presence of the Holy spirit.  These are my handholds.  These are ways I can relate, even though I know all are one, sometimes, the Spirit is the handhold I need to grasp God.

I don't have to understand, I just have to believe.

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