Thursday, February 07, 2013


Since, then, we have such a hope, we act with great boldness..."    2 Corinthians 3:12

What does it mean to act with boldness?

Sometimes I hear people in Sunday school shy away from telling others about their faith because they are worried about reactions -- about offending someone -- about being judged.  Before you judge them, just by reading this, know that they are kind, Christian people.  I spend my days in a job where it surprises no one that I talk about God, and yet I can understand people's worries.  I at times experience them.  Being bold for God isn't easy, and it isn't simple.  That doesn't mean it isn't necessary or expected of us, but it's not as easy as those who are gifted to do it might believe.  Otherwise, it wouldn't be "bold."

Have you ever thought of being bold in listening?  One of the devotions I read this morning spoke about bold listening.  Are you bold in your listening?  Do you hear what people are telling you?  I often say my husband has a face that encourages people to talk to him.  He has a great face, but that's probably not why people tell him their stories.  He's a bold listener. 

Being a bold listener means you open your mind to hear what another person is saying.  To open your mind to understand what is being told to you.  It's a kind of vulnerability -- opening up oneself to the idea that someone else could change your mind -- or change your actions.  Opening up to the idea that someone else's story might prompt you into a response that could help the other person.  It is opening up oneself to loving that other person.

Be bold in your words.  Be bold in your listening.  You have a great hope, so you can act with boldness.

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Blogger birdwatcher said...

In recent years, I have heard people that have selected (or God had selected for them) a word to "follow" them for the year. I chose to participate in this for 2013 and felt called to use the word "LISTEN" this year - to God certainly, but also to really listen when someone else is speaking, and not mentally prepare my reply/response. Thanks for this today as I consider the importance of Listening.

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