Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How do we see each other?

I'm reading a book called The Anatomy of Peace; Resolving the Heart of Conflict.  I'm a member of our Annual Conference's Covenant Council, and we've been asked to read this book in preparation for an upcoming meeting.  To be honest, I wouldn't have chosen this book to read on my own, but as I read it this morning, the following thoughts came to mind.

The authors say:
The deepest way in which we are right or in our way of being with toward others.  I can be irght on the surface -- in my behavior or positions -- while being entrely mistaken beneath, in my way of being.
To have a heart at peace, and to resolve conflict, one must see the other person as a person, rather than as an object.  Think about that for a minute, as I did.  When you are in a situation of conflict, do you see the other person as an enemy, or as a person?   Doesn't it seem like the most important goal, when you are in conflict, is to win?  To prove the other person wrong?

What if it didn't matter as much who was right or wrong, but instead what was really important was how we respond to each other?  What would happen?

Perhaps this is the meaning of Christ's words -- love one another.  See each other as persons. 

(Easy for me to say.....)

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