Monday, December 31, 2012


In worship yesterday, Joe's sermon was entitled Epilogue.  He talked about the time between -- the time between Christmas and the next Holiday.  The time between one thing that has happened, and the next one to happen.

Some of us rush from one event to the next, but he encouraged us to wait in the Epilogue -- in the time between. 

On Christmas morning, I was up before anyone else.  The house was quiet -- even the dog was still asleep.  Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.  I turned on the Christmas tree and all the lights in our village, and read.  I sat quietly for about 20 minutes reading, and then another 20 minutes, doing nothing.  It wasn't Epilogue, really -- it wasn't the time after, but it was an Intermission.  It was unplanned time to breath, enjoy, relax, listen to God. 

Joe seemed to think that Epilogue was a time of nothingness -- an empty time between.  I think Epilogue -- that space between -- is a time of something.  In that time of quiet, we do something very important.  We are still.  We listen.  We turn aside to see God.

Remember in Moses' experience with the burning bush?  He turned aside, and saw the bush.  There are times when we must turn aside from what demands our attention in order to see God at work. 

We are called to Epilogue.

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