Monday, December 12, 2011

Flash Mob

Nine Lessons and Carols Worship
Johnson Memorial UMC -- December 11, 2011
A friend sent me a You-Tube link to a Christmas Flash mob.  Take a look.

I very much enjoyed the video.  As I watched it, a few thoughts about faith sharing came to my mind:
  • It all starts with the single saxophone.  I wonder if it takes courage to stand in a room by yourself and start playing your sax.  It's unexpected, and might not have been appreciated by the management students.  And yet it was hauntingly beautiful.  Do we have the courage to be the lone voice, singing of God?  And when we do it, we might be met with derision or aggravation, and yet, I imagine God hears the beauty.
  • After the solo started, someone joined in, adding her voice to the song.  Do we do that?  Do we add our voice to the one who courageously stood up and spoke of God?
  • Then the chorus starts, and they sing together.  The sound is amplified, perhaps sarcastically.  More will join in the song because it doesn't take as much courage.
  • The tempo changes, enthusiasm is injected as the speed of the signing increases.  The participants start to dance and clap, and to me, this becomes even more appealing.  Do we get to a point in our witness when the enthusiasm becomes infectious?  Energizing?  Hard to resist?
Perhaps that is one of the ways we keep Christ in Christmas -- we proclaim his word with our energy and enthusiasm.  Perhaps that is one of the ways we keep Christ in our lives, all year long. 

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