Saturday, October 01, 2011

Blog Gone and Back

Yesterday, as I was working on the blog, I deleted an image that was in the sidebar.  Once I did that, I lost the template -- that nice lighthouse image in the left hand corner and all of the blog formatting.

I like the lighthouse, and while I have changed the template for other blogs I manage, I've never changed this one.  It still has a very old Blogger template.  I've resisted the change because 1) I like how it looks, 2) it would be a lot of trouble, and 3) I haven't found something that I like better than what I have.

Faced, though, with the very plain blue replacement blog, I realized I had to do something, so I went out to look for a new blog template.  I found one I kind of liked, and downloaded it to replace the plain Jane blue template.  As I was doing that, I found a button that said, "revert to old style."  I pushed it, and you guessed it, old template was restored.
So, I'm back where I started.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  As I was planning the new blog template, I was thinking it might be a good time to think about the blog and to ponder some questions:
  1. Is posting every single day still what I want to do? 
  2. Do I have enough to say to continue daily posts?
  3. What if I allowed myself to miss days without trying to make them up?
  4. Would I be able to continue in the habit of posting at all?
  5. How disciplined could I be without the 'every day' rule?
  6. Could I switch to a five day a week rule?<li>If I continued with every day, do I need to pick up other disciplines so that I do have enough to say?
  7. Should I just continue with what I'm doing?

Same template, and no answers to these questions, but I'm thinking.

Perhaps the penultimate question is the one to really consider.  What else do I need to be doing in order to have spiritual thoughts to share?  Hmmm.


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