Monday, May 02, 2011

God will provide

Still thinking about Abraham and Issac and testing.

How does that relate to the idea that God will provide?  That God will take care of us?  The book I am using for Bible study through Genesis asks if it is easier for us to accept the idea that God will test us or that God will provide care for us.

We want God's protection and care to mean that we are kept safe and healthy, but when I look around and see faithful people who are not kept from harm, I find that kind of faith hard to accept.

How do they link together?  Are we unwilling to be obedient because we are unwilling to believe that God will provide?

Considering the parallel between Isaac's non-sacrifice and Jesus' death, is Jesus' obedience to the cross not only an illustration of his submission but also of his trust that "God will provide," as he does in the resurrection?

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