Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Jack spoke about doubt last week in his sermon.  One of this week's lectionary readings is John 20:19-31 -- Thomas and his doubts.

I was reading RevGalBlogPals this evening -- Tuesday's lectionary leanings.  The author of the post mentions the word incredulity.  She said that it can imply an unwillingness to believe or an inability to believe.  I thought that was an interesting comparison.  Why do we doubt?  What motivates our disbelief?

  • Does it sometimes seem impossible to believe in a risen Christ?  Is there an inability to believe?
  • Do we refuse to really believe because we don't want to?  We don't want to accept the consequences of belief?
  • Do we sometimes not believe because another possibility is easier to believe?
  • Do we refuse to believe because to believe would be to lose control?
  • Do we fail to believe because belief would make us unpopular?  Ridiculed?  
  • Do we say we believe and yet we don't?
  • Do we pick and choose what we believe?
Why do we not believe? 

PS -- You can tell how tired I was yesterday.  I entitled the post Random Tuesday.  It was Monday.

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