Sunday, April 24, 2011

Layers of Interpretation

I love Bible study. I love to know more about why a piece of scripture was written, how it fits into its context, how the culture in which was written speaks to the writing, how the original language can allow for differences in translation. I love to take a look at literary devices in scripture, at the references authors make to previous passages, and how the earliest references can change our interpretation from what we had using later references.
I love to sit in a group and explore a passage, to consider how others view the same passage.

I love Bible study and how it can enrich a passage so that the original meaning shines forth.

Given all of that, I also realize that the way God speaks to me today through the passage may be very different from the way the original author intended. What God can do through the Bible in my life might never have been dreamt of by the original author.

The scripture is alive with power of God.



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