Thursday, April 07, 2011


I attended a webcast on Wednesday.  As I was listening to the talk, I noticed that one of the presenters said, "God may not be calling you to go to a foreign country...."

God may not be calling us to go to a foreign country, but sometimes I hear that sentence as a reassurance.  "You probably don't need to take a step out of your house..."

Don't get me wrong -- you can certainly do ministry in your own neighborhood.  And we are called to do that.

Sometimes, though, I think we hear sentences like that, and what we actually hear is that nothing radical is required of us.  Sometimes, I think, people tell us that nothing radical is required of us because they think we don't want to answer a call to radical discipleship.

Really, though, we know God is calling us to something radical (even if it is in our own neighborhood -- our own church).   God pursues us until we answer that call.  We won't find joy until we make the radical move, so we want it.  We will answer the call, and yet, sometimes, we aren't expected to do so.

We should expect disciples to want to answer that radical call.

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