Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Favorites

I was looking through RevGalBlogPals for an interesting Friday Five to use for a post today, and didn't come up with anything that interested me, so here is my own list of five:

Five things I like about Easter:
  1. The end of whatever I gave up for Lent -- this year on Easter, I'll be celebrating by drinking a Diet Pepsi.
  2. Chocolate -- I rememeber Chocolate bunnies as a kid.  I don't get buy those anymore because our kids don't eat them (what!?), but I still think of chocolate with Easter.
  3. Hymns -- Singing Easter hymns with the Sanctuary full of people, lots of brass, and the air of celebraton.
  4. Hats -- I don't wear an Easter hat, but I wish I did.  I like hats.
  5. Hyacinth -- Tulips -- Daffodils



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