Sunday, March 06, 2011

Flash Mob

At church today, Jack began the sermon by showing a flash mob video.

As I watched, I was interested in the reactions of those who were standing around, not part of the planned action.  I wondered if their responses to what was happening are like our responses to action we witness.

  • Some people seemed to ignore the flash mob.  When "church" is happening in front of us, do we ignore it?  Do we decide that we don't have the time or inclination to get involved?  Do we think it is somewhat beneath us to get involved? 
  • Do we stand, witnessing Christian action, longing to get involved, but staying apart out of fear or lack of confidence?
  • Do we smile and laugh, taking pictures, enjoying the grace of it, but staying apart?
  • Do we take a chance, step in, get involved, even if we don't know all the moves?
  • Or are we the ones who planned the event in the first place, spreading the gospel



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