Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This Holy Mystery

I'm working on completing Module 2A for the Certified Lay Ministry training.  Module 2A is about Worship.  As a part of that module, I'm reading the United Methodist Church's statement about Communion  This Holy Mystery.

As I was reading it, it renewed my conviction that my beliefs align with those of the United Methodist Church.  As I was reading it, several statements made me think, "Yes.  Yes!"  Listed below are several quotes from the document.

  • This dynamic action becomes re-presentation of past gracious acts of God in the present, so powerfully as to make them truly present now.  Christ is risen and is alive here and now, not just remembered for what was one in the past.  (There is a whole blog post in exploring just that sentence).
  • We receive spiritual nourishment through Holy Communion.....  Wesley wrote that, "This is the food of our souls:  This gives strength to perform our duty, and leads us on to perfection."
  • John Wesley stressed that baptism is only a step in the salvation process and must be followed by justifying faith and personal commitment to Christ when one reaches an age of accountability  He referred to Holy Communion as "a converting ordinance."....The Wesleyan tradition has always recognized that Holy Communion may be an occasion for the reception of converting, justifying and sanctifying grace.
  • We have no tradition of refusing any who present themselves desiring to receive.
  • We do not share in Communion because of our worthiness; no one is truly worthy.  We come to the Eucharist out of our hunger to receive God's gracious love, to receive forgiveness and healing.

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