Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am me

I was listening to the radio the other day.   You know how it goes -- you half listen to what is being said until something attracts your attention and then you "tune in." 

I don't know exactly what the person who was being interviewed did for a living, but I believe he was a "life coach" or something like that.  But, anyway....

He works with people to determine their goals and priorities.  He starts the process by having his client write down who he is and what is importnant to him -- about six pages worth.  Then, over the next few weeks, they narrow down the description, until it is boiled down to just one sentence.

He gave examples of what that sentence might be:

I am a doctor.
I am a mother who takes care of her family.

I was surprised by this end product -- a single sentence with a single description of a person.  It seems very one dimensional.   Do you have one role?  Are we at all one-dimensional?  I have many differnet hats, with many different roles in life.   I am me.  (or should that be I am I).

Writing this, it just occurred to me that God, when he was telling Moses who he is -- what his name is -- he says, "I am."

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