Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear God

Sky on my way to work, Wednesday
In light of yesterday's post, when I said God called himself, "I am" when Moses asked what his name was, what is it that you call God?

Do you know what I mean?  When you are praying, when it's just you and God, is there something you call him?  A way you open your prayers?

I hadn't thought about this until I noticed how I opened private prayer:  "Dear God,".  It's as if I'm writing a letter in my head.

When I'm praying in public, with and for other people, the name of God changes.  It might be "Heavenly Father," until I realize we United Methodists try to avoid gender specifications for God.  "God of Power, God of Grace" -- I've used those.  "God who created....."   When the prayer is more spontaneous, and is accompanied by intense feelings, I'll start it with "Oh, God...." in public.

In my head, just God and me, it's "Dear God."

I have no idea why.



Blogger bob said...

I do much the same saying dear God when praying by myself. I think this is an effort to establish closeness to someone we can't be close to physically. When I pray publicly I almost always start loving Father. I don't know why but it feels comfortable.

6:05 AM  

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