Thursday, December 16, 2010

Through the idea of God

The view out my office window this morning -- snow!
I was writing yesterday about expectations, and how we make God in the image of our expectations, instead of allowing God to make us into his own image, into the potential he created us to be (in his image).

This morning as I read another piece of Bishop Schnase's book (Five Practices of Fruitful Living), I was struck by this:
The fruit of Intentional Faith Development is not merely to know more about God but to know God, to see through the idea of God to God himself. (underlined emphasis mine)
Have you ever had that experience of Bible study?  I wonder if that  describes those Ah Hah moments we all sometimes have -- those times when a piece of God's word, either read from scripture or spoken to us by someone else, or ... and the list goes on -- but those times when God's word finds root in our lives, and allows us to see God, not our idea of God.

Are those the times when God is able to change us, to re-create us?

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