Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Red Scarf from 2010
I was reading Songbird's blog today.  During December, she used several "prompts" from a source I don't know to push her blogging into various directions.  Some of them looked interesting.  Some of them I would like to write about but am not sure that the Internet is the place for those particularly personal musings.  Maybe...

Anyway, for today, I picked this one, based on the word "Make":
What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

The very last thing I made was a pair of shoes I finished last night.  I call them shoes for effect, but they are really slippers, knit with wool and felted.  I finished the seaming last night and felted them in the washing machine.  They aren't completely finished, because I have to sew on the decorative piece and a button, but I like saying I knit a pair of shoes.

Skipping back a few items, in the middle of December, I finished a red scarf (that's a link to my knitting blog).  I sent it to the Orphan Foundation of America.  It will become part of a Valentine's Day care package for a young person who has aged out of the Foster Program.   I like the idea of knitting something for someone I've never met.  I pray it says to that person that God loves him or her, enough to prompt a total stranger to knit a scarf, especially for one particular child of God.

Sounds rather Emmaus-y. 

What would I like to make?  I think my next "big" project will be a baby blanket for an expectant mother at our church.  I need to order the yarn, but I have plans for the project in my head already.



Blogger bob said...

My wife crochets lap blankets for the elderly probably about fifty a year. Some she gives to people in our congregation others get dropped off at nursing homes. Sometimes she lets someone else drop them at a nursing home that a loved one is in that way two people feel the joy of giving. I think the joy we feel when giving promotes more giving because it really does feel good.

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