Monday, December 20, 2010

December Snow

It's been snowing here. 

I just keep looking up at the sky, shaking my head, and saying, "It's December.  It's not supposed to snow like this in December here in West Virginia."

As I looked at different blogs tonight, looking for a germ of an idea for a blog post, I ran across a post on the United Methodist Reporter.  As I was scanning the articles, I noticed the words "South Charleston, West Virginia.

First UMC, South Charleston
When it snows in Kanwha County, and the schools are closed, First UMC has a Snow Day program.  Because not all parents can stay home from work or take their children with them to the office, First UMC has responded with Snow Days.  Parents can drop their kids off at the church for the day.  The program is free for the parents, and the kids have a safe, fun place to stay when the unexpected happens and school close.

That's church.  Church responds when it snows in December and parents are looking at the sky, wondering why the unexpected is happening, and how they will deal with it.



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