Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stand Up

Inspired by Isaiah 60:1-5

Get up.
Stand up.
Open your eyes and see the Light!
God, in his glory and power, is shining.

All around you,
all around those who are with you,
is darkness.
Darkness, unrelieved by light,
surrounds you like a cave.
But the Lord’s light has come.
It pierces the darkness
and settles upon you.

In the darkness, the light shines.
It calls to God’s people,
and they shall see it shining forth
from you.
So stand up.

Stand up.
Lift up your eyes and see.
Look around.
Can you not see them?
They are coming because of the light.
Sons, from far away.
Daughters, with their babies.
It is light like nothing they have ever seen before.

You shall see.
Your heart will race with the rhythm of the Spirit
dancing within you.
Stand up and rejoice
for God comes in the light.

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