Saturday, December 18, 2010


Taken on grounds of winery at Biltmore

 To summarize the plot of the move Tangled -- a take-off of the Rapunzel fairy tail -- a princess was born in the kingdom.  To celebrate her birth, the Queen and King released a floating lantern.  Soon after that (and unrelated to the lantern), the princess is abducted.

Each year, on the princess's birthday, her parents release a floating lantern.  As they do, all of the inhabitants of the kingdom release one as well.

The floating light was released first in celebration and love, and then in love and grief, and with the hope that the lost princess will see the light and return home.

God calls us to let our light shine -- as his light shines.  The light shines so that others can see their way home, so that we will encourage each other and witness to each other.  God calls us back in love and grief at our loss -- and with the hope that we will see the light and return.  Our light shines for the same reason.

Let your light shine!

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