Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Needed in Heaven?

I attended a funeral last weekend. Part of the service was the inclusion of comments from the floor. That can be a grace-filled experience (or not).

For David's funeral, most of the comments were heart-felt and added to the grace of the funeral. One woman, however, concluded her remarks with the comment that "God must needed David in heaven."

I'm not sure I can count how many ways that statement bothers me. First of all, if David died because God needed him in heaven, what about the rest of us? Is David the only one who is needed in heaven?

How do we deal with the idea that if we are created to value life, and are taught to keep it precious by God, how can we find the idea that God ends it for his own convenience palatable?

I have a difference metaphor for God and his role in David's death. David's heart stopped working, so God said, "Come to me, my child, and join me here."



Blogger bob said...

My grandfather one of the people I respect the most in this world has been gone for a long time. I still remember at the funeral for my cousin who was 19 hearing my grandfather tell my aunt whose son just died in a horrific car accident that God needs young ones in heaven too. We should learn from Job's friends who at least in the beginning just came and sat with Job.
Just be there and listen.

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