Monday, October 25, 2010

We Love

A woman I know from Emmaus is in her thirties (or twenties -- she's young), she has a husband, a very young girl and a tumor on her liver the size of a golf ball. She thinks it might be selfish to ask God to heal her, except that she wants to be around to raise her little girl. I think she believes that God has a plan for her cancer and that bad news is God wanting more from her. i think that's wrong. I think the bad news is because cancer is a bitch, and bad news doesn't mean that God wants more from her, but instead that God is standing by, offering her more of himself.

But I'm off track.

I know a woman who has been battling cancer for a couple of years. She has moved closer to God through the experience. The closest moments she has to Christ is when she holds her granddaughter in her arms. Love brings her close to Christ.

Our pastor lost his brother Sunday morning. He drove to Charleston and preached in his brother's place. Love motivated him.

We don't love because it is easy. We don't love because it always results in happy endings. Love brings great joy and great sorrow. We love anyway. We love because we can't help it. We were created to love. It seems it should come with a warning label -- "You may be hurt." We know it, and we love anyway. We love because we have been loved. We love.



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