Wednesday, October 27, 2010


JtM, Jack and I have been emailing each other about word usage, especially concerning the use of the word "hopefully." Please, leave me no comments concerning this -- we've been over and over it.

Another word stirred the conversation today -- "graduate." Did you know that the oldest form of the usage of the word would be to say that "Bob was graduated from State College."? Apparently, the college graduates you, you do not graduate yourself. I saw it as parallel to the verb "promote" as in "The fifth grader was promoted to sixth grade.

Ok, no arguments concerning if this older use of the word is still preferred. Think theologically instead.

We are forgiven by God. It is not something we can do for ourselves. God "graces" us.

How is that for a jump in thought?

Hopefully, you see my point. :-)



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