Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just Showing Up

We attended Rev. David Jasper's funeral on Saturday. I'm sure I will be writing about several aspects of the service -- there were lots of "ah hah" statements that I wrote down.

David's brother, Mordecai, is also a pastor. He said when he first started pastoring at his present church, the members asked him to call first before he came to visit.

David, he said, didn't do that. David would just "show up."

I've been known to tell people that if Jesus called to say he was coming over, I would ask him to give me some time, first, so that I could clean up the house.

God doesn't do that. God just shows up. He bursts into our lives, shining the light. He doesn't wait until everything is clean, everything is staightened up. He just shows up. The only reason we don't see him is that we are not looking.



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