Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Random Thoughts in Kansas City

This post was going to include an image of Kansas City, but I find that Blogger has temporarily disabled image upload for maintenance. Hopefully, I'll post it tomorrow. Maybe.

Anyway, a few things I heard today in our meetings:

  • Mission is to church as burning is to fire. (or fire is to burning? I don't have my notes with me.)
  • We can be consumers in a church, believing that the church is there to provide for our needs, or we can be citizens of the church, accepting responsibility for its mission and contributing to it.
  • You must be able to describe what the outcome of a system is. If you can't describe it, and you are measuring nothing, then you will have no outcome. (Do I really think that is true, or is that one of those things that just sounds good?)
  • If you tell your friends about something you want to do (publicatize it (and I may have just made that word up more than the Bishop did), then you will receive more support than you imagined and you will be held accountable by their support. I knew that, or at least I hope that. More about that in a minute. *
  • Forty five days after Moses led the people out of Egypt -- on the 45st day of a 40 year trip -- they were already complaining. Are we there yet?
  • You should leave a training session with a question in mind.
*Telling friends what your goals are is an interesting topic to me. Do I do that? I imagine I do -- I talk a lot; surely I mention them. I should. I hope they will to me. I hope I listen well and show support to them. It seems to be an essential part of friendship.

Thinking about the CLM process, I realize that I'm not pushing myself very hard to get it done. I also realize that my mentor has never mentioned it to me in a year. I don't say that to judge what is happening - I need to be more motivated to get it done.

Now I'm rambling. I'll stop.

No image upload. No spell check. Good luck reading this.



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