Saturday, October 23, 2010

Moment in Time

Most of the time, I know I believe in God. I walk around not thinking much about him, confident in his presence and in my faith in him.

There are moments, though, when my emotions and my spirit align, and I can almost breathe in his presence. In Emmaus reunion groups, we talk about those times when we answer the question, "When this week have you been closest to Christ?"

Tonight, I went to Emmaus to participate in Candlelight. Steve stayed home to pick up Josh from band. The service was crowded, and I walked in about the time it was about to start, so I didn't take much time to talk to anyone. We began by singing, "Here I am to Worship." We sang to the guitars, and our voices rose in the room.

It was one of those moments when I knew God was present and active in our lives.

I'm grateful for times touch as that one because they don't happen very often. When they do, it is a blessing.



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