Sunday, August 15, 2010

Something Good

Yesterday, I was walking into WalMart, having a conversation with God. I was talking to him about our friends, who were taking their daughter to college for the first time. I then told him about our son, who was driving to Kings Island with one of his friends. I said, in my mind, to God, "It's really hard to let them go."

I heard in my mind, very clearly, "Yes, I know it is."

Jack's sermon today was about letting go -- letting go of those things that separate us from God. He said, "We have to be ready to let go with faith that something good will happen."

As parents, we spend our time when they are children, raising them to be adults, teaching them the skills they need in their lives. It's ironic that when the time comes to start letting them go, it's hard to do, even though that has been the goal all along.

Having the faith, as we let them go, that something good will happen.



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