Monday, July 26, 2010


Where is my older son? He's a representative of the Northeastern Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church to the Global Young People's Convocation in Berlin. The Convocation ended last night (Berlin time).

I found this on the internet tonight:
"The goal for the Legislative Assembly of the Global Young People’s Convocation is to make the voices of young people around the world be heard in the life of the United Methodist Church. The legislation that is brought forth shall reflect the purpose of gathering young people from all over the world to recognize and respond to the needs of young people across the globe. It shall help the Church gain a greater cultural understanding of young people and the issues they face and provide a way to capture the voice of young people raising their joys, concerns, hopes and dreams for the Church. And it shall provide everyone with insight on how the proposed petitions could reflect the issues, perspectives and wisdom of young people around the world," according to the GYPC Legislative Guidelines.
We heard from him today, and he's having a great time.



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