Monday, August 16, 2010


Exodus 3 and 4

Living in the quiet desert after an eventful life,
Hidden, quiet, taking care of his father-in-law’s sheep,
Went to the Mountain of God.

A bush stood nearby, blazing.
The fire wasn’t what attracted the Potential,
It was the presence of God in the fire.
So he turned back, and looked, amazed.

Seeing his attention, God called to him.
“Moses, you are on Holy Ground.”
He stood in front the God of his fathers
And hid his face.
Hiding from his God,
Hiding from the future.

God said, “I’ve seen them.
I will reach down to my children
And help them,
And I will do it through you.
You will hear my call, and you will deliver them,
Bringing them freedom,
Speaking for me to the Pharaoh.”

“Not me, God,
Send someone else.
I am not the one you are seeking;
I am speechless in the face of this message.
I don’t even know who to say that you are.”

God said, “I am who I am.
Tell them,
I will be who I will be.
I have been the God of their fathers.
I am their God.
Pharaoh will listen to you,
And I will show them,
That I am.”

“Why would they trust me?
I am not the one you want.”

“Take this staff,
Obey my word,
You are mine,
And you will set them free.”

“I do not have the words, Oh, God.
Send someone else.”

“I am sending you.
I will be with you,
Aaron will be with you,
You will go, and you will obey.
I am, and you are mine.
So, go.”

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