Sunday, May 02, 2010

Let is Shine

If you have some time, go read the Bishop's Blog post, This Little Light of Mine. And then come back.

Hey, thanks for coming back!

What is my light? How do I let it shine?

We talked in Disciple this evening about what we can use to witness to God in the world.

Those might be kind of the same question. We live in a world of darkness in which the light of Christ is necessary in order to chase away the darkness. We have been given light, and we are to allow it to shine -- to be a witness to and for God in the world.

Have you ever seen the the scene in one of the Harry Potter movies where everyone is on the grounds, holding up their wands, with just the tip of the wand illuminated? I can't really remember which movie it is, but the action starts with just one person holding up one tiny light. It can barely be seen. But then another person adds his light, and another, until the entire crowd is holding up a light. The evil is held at bay; night is turned into day, almost, in the power of these lights.

God's light is like that. We hold up our lights, shine them forth, and the darkness is transformed.

What is your light? How do you let it shine?

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