Friday, April 30, 2010

From the air

As we approached landing this evening on the flight from Atlanta to Charleston, we circled the city. The sky was clear and I was able to see the entire city. I work in Charleston, so I could follow the road and the rivers, identify the buildings, and watch as the city went by my window. I saw the airport on top of the mountain overlooking the city as we passed it. I wanted to say, "Um, missed it." We flew by, up I77. I thought we might make it all the way to Ripley. Finally, we turned right, and head back to the airport, flying over I79. Elkview passed by the window, and we finally landed.

I noticed the mountains looked more like wrinkles in a green carpet. The buildings were kind of like monopoly hotels. What would have taken me 20 minutes to drive, took us only 5 minutes, if that. Everything seemed smaller, seemed more connected. The barriers of the mountains were like nothing - just a bump in the landscape.

When I driving on those roads, passing those towns, everything seems larger. From the air, it not at all the same.

As we travel through life, we encounter the same perspective problems. In the midst of life, problems seem to be barriers, distances seem large, solutions are not obvious. From the air, all of that fades away. God is like that -- he can see the big picture. He knows our problems are large to us, but to him, he can see the next valley. He can see how one issue can connect to the next.

Just another reason to let God lead us where we need to go.



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