Monday, April 26, 2010

Why United Methodist

I was looking at the UM Reporter blog, and clicked over to A Man Called Preach, reading this post about Why He Loves the United Methodist Church.

I was not born a United Methodist -- I joined the church in my senior year in high school. The longer I am a member, the more I love the UM church. Why? Here's my list -- some of them are similar to Will's:
  • Open Communion Table -- It's Christ table, and everyone is included.
  • It's a church for people who will think -- or at least at it's best it is. We are encouraged to think and to grow through study and sharing about what we have learned.
  • Women are allowed to use their gifts to preach and to teach. We take that for granted, but there are churches where this is not the case at all.
  • Each UM church is different -- it might be politically liberal or conservative, theologically liberal or conservative, and yet we have room for both sets of beliefs.
  • Infant Baptism -- I believe that God claims us, and that claiming is not dependent upon age.
  • Priesthood of all believers -- I am a minister (although not ordained) and so are you. We are expected to follow our call and to pick up our crosses.
  • Connectional church -- We are part of something bigger than our local church.

That might be enough for now, although I'm sure there are more.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Sandpiper! I am very much in line with everything in this post as well. I love open Communion (I always remind congregants that "this table does not belong to this church or any church, it belongs to God - and God invites us all) and infant Baptism as well. Our affirmation of women's gifts for ministry at all levels is also key for me (even though I'm a dude).

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