Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Transfer of Values

I'm in New Orleans at a planned giving conference. The first symposium I attended was concerning the transfer of values and valuables. Its purpose was to help estate planners understand the necessity of leading those who are planning the disposition of their estate to understand the necessity of passing on what they value (not monetary values, but principles) so that their children can then handle their valuables wisely. It's called The Heritage Process, and it involves guiding people through the idea of teaching their children values prior to giving them money.

Do we think about concepts like that? Do we consider that we leave behind our values as well as our values? Do we lead our children into situations where they must work together to manage money, as a team? Do we lead give them money to use for charitable purposes so that they can learn the value of charitable giving?

And as a person who does what I do for a living, is there a way to lead church members into the realization that giving to charity can be a bigger gift for their children than giving them all of our assets? That the gift of our values is more "valuable" to them than all of our stock portfolio? Can I tell that to people without it seeming self-serving? Can I communicate the necessity of transferring values to our children by giving some of our money away and make the communication of that idea ministry?


Image: The view out my hotel window tonight.



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