Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grace and Love

I was reading part of Luke this week for Disciple Bible class. According to the notes, Luke is written as a message for the redemption of Israel through Christ -- a message for everyone. The notes pointed out a few things about the first and second chapters that I thought were interesting.
  • Jesus is referred to by the same title as Caesar -- Lord and Savior. It's quite a contrast -- infant and king.
  • The message is told to shepherds instead of to the elite (this one I've noticed before).
  • There is a contrast between the stories of Jesus and John. John is born to a priest and his wife -- people of advanced status and honor. Mary is a young, poor girl -- no status and honor. God favor extends to her only to extend compassion. Sound familiar? It's grace -- unearned and only given out of love.
  • The angels come to a farm, and meet together with humans. God and humanity meet in this lowly place, instead of in the Temple.
Jesus is born to all, out of grace and love.

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