Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Each day we choose between
what is good and what is not.
Between what pleases God
and what disappoints him.
Between what will make us joyful
and what will leave us empty.

Joyful and blessed are those
who listen to wise people,
who do not take advice
from those who are far from God,
or who do not follow the footsteps
of those whose path is crooked.
Happy are those whose eyes are on
those who are obedient,
and who sit near those who trust in God.

When we choose to find joy in God's way,
we will be blessed.
When we think of God
When our thoughts dance with God's
We will be blessed.

Our lives will be like trees
planted by living streams,
growing by living water.
Our lives will yield fruit,
and our hearts will beat with grace, alive
rather than dying.
In all that we do, we will find abudance,
when we choose the path of God.

We have choices to make.
When we choose poorly,
when we do that which is wicked and evil,
our lives become worthless, weightless,
our lives are blown away form us,
driven away from God by our own choices.

Our choices can give us strength to stand,
Grace to share.
The Lord will watch over us,
proclaiming his presence to the righteous,
straightening the path of his children.

Through our choices we find life.
Life abundant.
Joy unending.

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