Sunday, April 12, 2009

WOW or Blah?

I taught Sunday school today. I was kind of unimpressed by the liturature -- it seemed kind of blah to me.

It's Easter. The talk about it should be WOW, not blah.

Go and read this devotional by Guest Sandblogger, JtM: April 12.

How will this Easter affect you? Will your experience of the resurrection of Jesus Christ change you? Will you live life differently because you have seen and believe? Will you love more radically? Will you give more generously?
Radical. That's a WOW word. The resurrection of Christ is radical. The love of God for us is radical. What is our response?

Is it blah? Or is it WOW?

What difference does this fantastic, radical action of God make in our lives?

Image: Dogwood at St. Marks.



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