Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Peace in Unrest

Take some time and go read the Bishop's blog post about Martin Luther King, Jr. Reading Bishop Grove's comment as well, I was struck by the idea of remembering Dr. King.

Do you remember him? I was pretty young the year he died, but I do remember small bits from his death. I also remember the same year, the death of Robert Kennedy.

In 1968, we lived very near Washington, D.C. In April, my grandmother was in the hospital in Georgetown. I remember driving into town to the hospital. Mom was a teacher at the time. I still remember her talking about the riots in town, and having to drive through them to reach the hospital. She had an African American student who volunteered to ride with her. I remember even as a kid that I thought this was a wonderful demonstration of love and peace in the midst of unrest.



Blogger bob said...

The people who are different that we know are just people, the people we don't know who are different scare us.
So maybe we should just get to know one another.

4:46 AM  

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