Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Spiritual Pathways

Tonight in class we talked about spiritual pathways. We are each created differently, and we each have different ways to reach God. Part of the purpose of the chapter and of the class was to help us to explore which spiritual pathway is our own.

I found a quiz online at the Willow Creek Community Church web site. I haven't taken it yet. I thought I would list here what I think my pathways are, then take the quiz, and compare.

  1. Intellectual -- I think this is one of my major pathways to experience God. I love to read, to study. My books are full of stars and underlines where I find things that say, "YES" to me.
  2. Relational -- I'm conflicted about this one. I do find God through conversations with other people, and I count on certain people to remind me of God -- to help me to find him. This idea conflicts, though, with Ortberg's assertion that relational people do not like solitude and don't enjoy time on their own. I do like time on my own so I'm not sure about this one. Maybe this is just a case of me being different from Ortberg's definition.
  3. Worship -- I have moments of worship when I can feel close to God. It's rarely an entire service - it's usually just pieces of one.
  4. Activist -- This is probably the pathway that I most rarely, if ever take.
  5. Contemplative -- I can do this -- I do like time on my own, and I can feel close to God in this way -- most often in the car or during quiet time at church. I don't crave long time of prayer, but I have experienced them, and can enjoy it.
  6. Serving -- This would be one of my lesser ways to God. I do think service is necessary, and can be joy and closeness to God. I was wondering today how each of the pathways could result in service.
  7. Creation -- I do sense God in nature. I don't crave time outside. This is one of the pathways that I think I have devleoped because of this blog -- watching for pictures.
Off to take the quiz. I'll report back.

OK, I'm back. Quiz results:

Relational: 10
Intellectual: 15
Worship: 7
Activist: 6
Contemplative: 6
Serving: 7
Creation: 11

I'm surprised that contemplative turned out so low, as low as activist. I am not an activist, and I feel that I am somewhat contemplative.



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