Monday, July 17, 2006

A Prayer for a Friend

S handed me a piece of paper today. It was a prayer that he had written for a friend he knows through work. That gentleman has had back pain and surgery, much like S. I thought what he wrote was wonderful -- grace-filled -- God-inspired. Being who I am, I asked him if I could post it. He said yes.

So here is S's prayer for his friend:

Today I said a prayer for a friend
He is a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a boss
And yes, a friend -- a confidant, a sounding board.

He is flat on his back because of his back
A tiny disorder with monumental, earth-stopping consequences
Above, shut down mentally unable to think of much else
Below, shut down physically unable to stand straight, walk smoothly or carry ... anything
He runs his life and his business with only the ceiling in view
His family understanding, his loyal team ever ready to take up his litter and march on.

Soon he will trust his fate to the knife
A tiny procedure with monumental, earth-stopping consequences
A prayer goes up; grant confidence and competence and unerring skill to the surgical staff; grant comfort and strength to the patient and his family.

So much to gain by success, so much to lose...
There is much to be done. A wife to love, a daughter to guide, basketball games to win.
A team to continue molding and electrical products to sell
And who knows, maybe even a Hula Hoop to best.

Those that have gone before know the game;
Pain-bend-fall-crawl-more pain-CUT-crawl-stand-less pain-less pain-less pain
The seasoned tell the novice "Take heart, everyday will be better"

My prayer is for healing and returing to life.
My prayer is for an awareness of Your presence throughout all of life's events
Yesterday was today, then. Tomorrow will be today when it comes.
Today I said a prayer for a friend.

By Steve


Anonymous Jeff the Methodist said...

Wow. Although I'm not the friend who is the subject of the prayer, I know again how blessed I am to be Steve's friend.

Thanks for sharing.

9:20 AM  

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