Monday, October 15, 2018

Burn Your Post-it

I'm enjoying and being enriched by the videos produced and published at the  This site produces videos of women who are trailblazers - who are making change, who are making the world a better place.  

One series on the site contains interviews with Rev. Nadia Boltz Weber - Have a Little Faith.  In one of those videos, she starts with the story of a worship service at the church she started. She asked everyone to write on a post-it note the thing they tell themselves most often. She was saddened by the messages on the post-its, and I can imagine you know what they said. Phrases like, "I'm not good enough." "I'm a failure." "Know one wants me around." "Know one knows who I really am."  

At the end of the service, they burned all the post-it notes.

What is the phrase that you tell yourself over and over? Do you know (do I know) how much it damages you? And do you know that God loves the person you really are? The person you hide? The person you would never tell anyone about?  

God loves that person. Without reservation. Without apology. Without improvement.

Burn your post-it.



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