Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I like the app "Pimp my Screen." It's a collection of images that you can download to your phone to change the image that is the home screen or the lock screen. I usually change mine seasonally. I also use my own images, but sometimes I really like the ones from this app.  I also like to change my desktop background images, and I often download microsoft themes, also seasonally.

One day this past Christmas season, I was looking at either my phone or my desktop image - I can't remember which - and I noticed a reflection in a Christmas ornament. I'd been using the image for a couple weeks, and had not noticed it before.

Do we forget we are called to reflect Christ? If we remembered, what would it mean for how we behave? How we think? What we say?

I'm pretty sure that someone would not always recognize Christ in what I say. In what I do.  Certainly not in the way I sometimes think. I'm grateful for the reminder in the Christmas ornament.



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