Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Big Picture

Speaking of Seneca Rocks and our travels through West Virginia, at the foot of the Rocks is a Visitors Center with great view of the Rocks. It is from there that I took the pictures from yesterday.

Inside the Visitors Center is a large (maybe 6 feet in diameter) "map" of the mountains in the area. It is a relief map, so that the mountains rise up, 3D. 

When you drive through the area, you drive up and down mountains, around curves. You see beautiful valleys and imposing cliff sides. There are rivers and streams, winding through the valleys and falling down the hills. It's all wonderful to see. But for me, it has always been hard to get the "big picture." Where is Spruce Knob compared to Seneca Rocks? What are those seven mountains between Elkins and Petersburg?

The relief map helps me. Since we stopped at the visitor center as our last stop, I could see where we had been, and place it all in relationship to each other. It was great.

Sometimes Bible study is like that, isn't it? One year, following my Emmaus walk, I decided to read the Bible from the beginning to the end. I had read much of the Bible before, but never in order. As you read from Genesis to Revelation, you don't have much time to study, but you do get an overview. You can see the big picture, and where each part fits in with the rest. It is all related, and when you can get that kind of overview of the Bible, you can see it.



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