Friday, November 20, 2015

Expecting a Miracle

In Bible Study last Sunday, Steve was teaching. He asked the question, "What ideas do you have that could be seeds for a mission miracle?"

It seems like I immediately thought of our harvest altar, and I asked the group, "What would happen if we as a church brought in so much food for the harvest altar that we overwhelmed our local food pantry?  What if it took multiple cars to get the food to the pantry from the church?  How many people could we feed?"

So, our group is extending a challenge to the church to do just that.  As I was driving home that evening, I was thinking about how to phrase the email to send out our challenge.  I thought about the people of the congregation - some of them are older, and wouldn't be able to carry in larger quantities of food.  I thought about stationing people in the parking lot to help them, and then I thought that would be foolish.  People are going to ignore the challenge, aren't going to bring in the food, and we'll just be standing in the parking lot, waiting for nothing.

Except that I believe this is from God.  And if I believe this is from God, shouldn't I act like it?  Shouldn't I expect it to work?  Shouldn't I plan for its success.

So the email I sent out told everyone that there would be people in the parking lot to help, and I invited members of our Sunday school to join Steve and me as we act foolish, waiting around for a miracle.

We'll see what happens.

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Blogger bob said...

Miracles are proactive. good luck,

8:05 AM  

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