Wednesday, October 21, 2015

High Notes of Eternity

I attended a leadership conference this weekend. As part of one of the worship services, all 700 of us sang the Lord's prayer together.  Near the end, at the "and the glory, forever," the tune went higher than I can reach with me voice, so I stopped singing.  I listened for a moment to those whose voice can reach those notes.  And the prayer continued.

I can't reach the high notes of eternity by myself. None of us can.  But in community, as voices joined together, we come closer.  We can come closer together because God is working through us.

We try to work alone.  Or at least, I do.  Do you? Do you struggle on and on alone because you think you can get it done?  Be good enough at it to not need help?  A soloist who has the voice range can hit that note, but there was something stunningly beautiful about us all singing it together.  And together, if all of us couldn't sing all the notes, all of us participated in the prayer, buoyed along by each other.

Community is a God-given gift.

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