Friday, March 13, 2015

Surround Sound

Last week, I attended three concerts - all of them at our local University and all of them concerts in which my younger son was playing trumpet.  A great music week.

At the beginning of the last one, the symphonic band lined up around the walls of the concert hall, surrounding us.  The lights went completely out, so that the room was dark.  The Director walked down the middle aisle, and began directing the concert band using a glow stick.  Really, really cool idea.

The music filled the space.  I have two trumpet playing sons, and I've been to many band concerts, but this was band music unlike any I've ever experienced.  It was surround sound.  The music wasn't in front of me on the stage, but it was all around me. I was in the center of the music.  And in the dark, the music was all there was.  I couldn't watch the players or the audience.  I was even in front of the conductor, so I didn't watch the bouncing glow stick.  I just closed my eyes, and was IN the music.  It was fantastic.

I wonder perhaps if that is what following regular spiritual disciplines will lead us to.  We come close enough to God that we can close our eyes to everything else - everything that distracts us - and sit in the center of God's will, God's music, and just be.  Surrounded by God.

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