Friday, December 19, 2014

The De-Churched

In a sermon last Sunday, Alan asked, "How have we blocked Christ from those who might be called the "de-churched?"

First of all, I've never heard of the term de-churched, but as he said it, I knew who he was talking about.  This isn't the unchurched.  This is not those who have never made church a part of their lives. This is those who used to attend; who maybe came regularly, or semi-regularly, and now just are a part at all, or very peripherally.  These are the people who know and now miss.  What happened?

He asks, "How have we blocked Christ from these people?"

It's an important question.  Have we been less than inclusive?  Less than hospitable?  Have we been judgmental or hypocritical?  Has worship been less than engaging?  Have we failed to be supportive? Have we kept Christ to ourselves and not shared?  What other ways have we blocked Christ's love and light?

It might not be a question to ask ourselves or fellow members of our churches.  I'm not sure we know the answer.  The people to ask are those who are no longer with us - those that we miss.  How can we do that?

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