Wednesday, July 02, 2014

An Abundance of God

...but what Jesus knew beyond a shadow of a doubt was that wherever there was plenty of God there would be plenty of everything else. (Barbara Brown Taylor)
This quote is from the book The Seeds of Heaven: Sermons on the Gospel of Matthew.  Taylor is exploring the feeding of the 5000 in Matthew 14. Jesus looks at the crowd -- this is just after John the Baptist has been beheaded -- and he seemed "to know that what the crowd needed more than a hot meal was to stay together, seeming to know that there was more nourishment for them in each other's company than in some neighboring farmer's goat cheese or boiled rice."

So, Jesus, knowing this, looks out at the crowd and tells the disciples to feed them.  He doesn't see five loaves and two fish, and how little that is compared to 5000 people.  Jesus sees the need and knows the abundance of God.  "There is plenty of God, there will be plenty of everything else."

Do we see with eyes that see the abundance of God?  Do we believe what Jesus knew?  If we did, what difference would it make in our ministry, in our churches, in our lives?

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