Friday, June 27, 2014

Waiting for a Sign?

Many months ago, I snapped this image from my car.  It was on a pole at a restaurant between the speaker where I placed my order and the window where I paid for and picked up my order.  I thought it was a blog post, waiting to be written.

Often I hear people who are trying to discern a direction say, "I am waiting for a sign from God telling me what to do."  It makes me wonder:  are people really waiting for a sign (and I'm sure some of them are) or are they waiting for a shove?

I wonder if we wait for a sign because we'll only listen to something so obvious that there are no questions.  As long as we can question the leadership God is providing to us, we can say we are waiting, instead of acting, when really, we already know the direction we are supposed to go.



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