Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spiritual Gifts Inventories

I attended a Spiritual Gifts Class a month or so ago.  It was a great class - great teacher - much discussion.

As part of the class, we took a spiritual gifts inventory test.  That's not the first time I've taken an inventory; I completed one as part of my training to be a Certified Lay Minister.  The results of the two test were basically the same, although there were some differences.  I attribute the differences to the fact that the tests were different. Some of the gifts measured by one test were not included in the other one, etc.  Anyway, my results didn't surprise me.

What did surprise me was looking at the test results other people shared with me.  As part of the post-test process, we came together in small groups and discussed our scores and gifts.  The highest score that was possible was 20.  One of the women in my group had 8 gifts for which she scored 20 and 6 for which she scored 19.  That means out of 25 gifts, the test says she is highly gifted in 14 of them.  She considered a "really low" score to be 14.  Another person in my group, who I consider to be gifted, scored low in some areas and is discouraged by that.

It just makes me wonder if one of the influences on a gift assessment survey is your own opinion on your giftedness. One of my motivations were taking a test like that is to remove the bias I have about my gifts, but I wonder now how effective it is in doing that.  I think it goes to show that the spiritual gift assessment is just one tool for determining your gifts, and that it must be coupled with other assessment tools.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just completed an on-line course in rediscovering one's spiritual gifts. I was surprised to find out which gifts were identified as my top three gifts. But they did reflect what I have been doing recently and not necessarily what I might have thought they actually were.

While each person who takes a spiritual gifts inventory may have a preconceived notion of what their gifts are, the nature of the inventory almost always shows what the gifts are.

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Blogger bob said...

I wonder if results would be more accurate if someone that knew the test taker well answered the questions. Self assessment is a very difficult skill and many of us don't possess it.

3:56 AM  
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